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AMLA represented at the Media Literacy Matters Conference

Earlier this month AMLA member, Alyssa Coursey, Manager Learning and Media Literacy at the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA), delivered a talk to the Media Literacy Matters conference in Brussels, Belgium. Organised under the auspices of the Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union 2024, the event centred the role of media literacy within contested global media and political landscapes.

The conference brought together a diverse array of media literacy experts, educators, and researchers with:

🌍 43 nationalities represented
🗣 191 speakers and moderators
💬 49 sessions
👩‍💼 400 media literacy professionals in attendance

Keynote speakers offered valuable insights into the evolving media landscape and stressed the necessity of equipping individuals with the ability to discern fact from fiction.

“Workshops and panel discussions provided me with new understanding about effective strategies for integrating media literacy education into various contexts, from classrooms to community outreach programs”, explains Alyssa. “The conference underscored the urgency of media literacy initiatives in empowering individuals to become informed, responsible media consumers and creators. It was a truly fantastic conference to be part of.”

Alyssa’s presentation at the event outlined the history and current state of media literacy education in Australia. She also shared key adult media literacy research findings and information about upcoming AMLA and NFSA projects.

She also unpacked AMLA’s Media Literacy Framework for the conference participants using NFSA’s Media and Me program as an example of its practical application. Alyssa said, “The session participants were fascinated to hear about the role entertainment media plays in information discovery for Australians, and were impressed by the way films, television programs and advertisements are being used by the NFSA to introduce media literacy skills to students.”

Alyssa reflected that the Media Literacy Matters conference has left her feeling inspired and equipped with lessons and connections which will inform her ongoing work with AMLA and the NFSA.