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Australian Media Literacy Alliance research reveals urgent need for a national media literacy strategy

The Australian Media Literacy Alliance has released a report this Global Media and Information Literacy Week that calls for a united and collaborative approach to the development of a national Media Literacy strategy for all Australians in response to the barrage of misinformation impacting society. Towards a National Strategy for Media Literacy makes eight key recommendations for the development of a strategy, which centre around government, community, and technology sector collaboration to ensure every Australian, at every stage of life, is empowered as a citizen to confidently engage with and create media. A media literate citizen has the ability to critically engage with media in all aspects of life.

The report draws on a national survey of 3510 adult Australians about their media use, attitudes, and abilities and includes insights from a consultation process, conducted in September 2021, involving six workshops with a diverse group of community and media organisations across Australia. The consultation process and research were led by leading researchers in the field of Media Literacy: Dr Tanya Notley, University of Western Sydney and Dr Michael Dezuanni, Queensland University of Technology. AMLA recognises that any development of a national strategy must be carried out with a compelling evidence base and based on the experience of cultural and media organisations who have expertise in delivering media literacy initiatives.

Annabel Astbury, Chair of the Australian Media Literacy Alliance:

“Globally, in an era where there is misinformation on digital platforms, rising distrust of mainstream media and lack of faith in governments and their agencies which are all fueled by rapid changes in the media and communications technologies, the report reveals that Australia cannot afford the costs of media illiteracy, socially or economically. AMLA looks forward to collaborating with governments at all levels to ensure that every Australian has the skills and competencies to navigate the complex media landscape.”

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